Rippl Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Rippl cost as a Business Owner?

Rippl is now free for both businesses and not-for-profits.

For customers downloading the Rippl app, it has always been absolutely free!

How much will Rippl cost me as a Customer?

As a customer, your favourite businesses, organisations and venues will be using Rippl. You can download the Rippl app for FREE from NZ App Stores and start checking-in at your next visit. 

Once you’ve downloaded the Rippl app from the Google Play Store or iTunes store, all you need to do is scan the QR code on the outside of your favourite business to check in and remember to check out too. The app keeps a log of all the places you’ve visited too! Rippl scans both Rippl QR codes and the MOH NZ COVID Tracer QR codes.

Tip: if you don’t give Rippl permission to access your camera accidentally, don’t worry, just head to your Settings, find the Rippl app, and enable your camera there!

Apple: in/id1509578015


What does ‘privacy-first’ really mean? 

Rippl puts privacy first. At no point is any personal data collected by Rippl. No name, email address or phone number- nothing.

Under the Privacy Act, there is no justification for collecting personal information from individuals if it is not necessary. See:

The only information stored in the app is a list of venues visited and the timings of those visits. This information is stored on the customer’s device and not sent to any remote server.

How does contact tracing work with Rippl? How will I know if there is an instance of infection in my business, or as a customer?

Rippl is a privacy-focused solution.

We believe the way that the Wellington City Council Privacy Review’s section on Personal Information does a fantastic job of explaining how the process works: 
Rippl works by a user scanning a QR code which creates a record of a time and place in a person’s phone. When the person leaves the place they check out giving the duration. These three pieces of data are assembled into a record which is kept on the person’s phone.

Should that person test positive for COVID 19 they can then provide this record of places, times and duration to Contact Tracing in Public Health. If this data is of interest to the public health tracer they then send a push notification with a key which will notify all those who were in the same place at the time of interest. These people then provide their contact details to contact tracers assisting them to do their work. This creates a data relationship directly between the user and the contact tracer, with the place as common entry allowing registers to be made by place, without those facility owners having to develop systems and training for sensitive information during a time of pressure.

During day to day operation there is no personal contact data stored in Rippl. The location times, and durations could be used to identify someone if combined with other data that might be present on the phone. The protection of this data relies on the cyber and physical security of the phone to protect it.

During Contact Tracing the user gives public health their name, contact phone number, email address and any other data the contact tracer might request. This is transmitted with encryption and with the explicit consent of the person. This data is not stored in the app, but is stored in a receiving database for use by contact tracers. The protection of this data relies on transmission encryption. By collecting the data at the time it is required it mitigates the security risk of storing data, and ensures it is up to date, and the reason for collection is clear to users.

If a Premises of interest is generated by contact tracing a notification is sent to the contact for the business/facility/venue concerned to assist them in gathering manual and other records for assisting contact tracing. These contact details are held secure by PaperKite and are not in the user app.

Does Rippl give me a list of people who checked-in at my business? How do I keep track of guests coming and going?

Businesses registered with Rippl will not receive or be able to access a list of customers who visited their location. Rather, the visits will be stored individually in customers’ phones. Each customer will have a log of every business venue they visited. 

Once Health Services receive a notice that a venue has a possible infection, they will contact the venue/business and advise them of their next steps – which could be to close their doors and clean for example. The business will tell them they use Rippl and then Health Services will contact PaperKite. PaperKite searches for an ID match of the venue searching all customer apps (with a date and time range). This broadcast is checking each log for whether that device was checked-in at that venue. If there is a match, an alert is sent via the app to the customer, then it’s up to the customer to get in touch with Health Services.

Under Alert Level 2, we know there are restrictions to the number of customers some businesses or venues can hold. If you are looking for a way to keep a tally of numbers of visitors in your venue at any one time, Rippl was not designed for this purpose, nor to take attendance.

If I register with Rippl will my business meet the guidelines?

Rippl has been designed to help businesses meet their obligations under Alert Level 2 in New Zealand, but it is up to you as a business to determine whether you are fully compliant or not. 

However, Rippl can complement your existing WorkSafe Safety Plan. You can be assured that visits are recorded in the individual Rippl app logs on your customers’ phones as part of your responses to the following questions:

  • “What will be done to manage risks from restarting business after lock-down?”
  • “How will you operate your business in a way that keeps workers and others safe from exposure to COVID-19?”
  • “How will you manage an exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19?”

If you need to find out about what your business or service needs to do to meet public health requirements under Alert Level 2, find more info out here:

We are encouraged by the statement in the Wellington City Council Privacy Review, ‘Personal Information’: “The information that is held in the app is held by the user for as long as they wish. The information transmitted to contact tracers is held according to the Ministry of Health guidelines and rules for contact tracing”.

Read the full WCC Privacy Review here:

Further to this, our Technical Director, Rob Holmes was involved in an interesting Twitter convo, having a read here:

As a customer, does Rippl give Health Services my information?

No. The server only sees the list of venues and times of a possible infection. 

Let’s use an example to illustrate our point here:

If there was a customer at Cafe PaperKite who was reported to Health Services to have a possible infection, and they visited the Cafe today at 6pm, the server sends that information to all the Rippl apps on customers’ phones. The apps then cross-check the local logs to see if the customer was there within a date and time range that includes today at 6pm. If determined by the app that the customer was there, the app will alert the user with instructions on how to notify Health Services. 

If you receive an alert, it is up to you to get in touch with Health Services. 

How does checking in and out of a business work?

As a business owner when you register, you can set the likely duration that visitors to your business or venue are likely to spend there. That way, if your visitor or customer forgets to check out, the time you set will be the default check out time and the app will check them out for you.

If you are a visitor, you can check in and manage your check out with the free Rippl app.

I have multiple businesses/venues, can I do this with one registration?

Yes. You can create more than one business/venue with a single account. Each business/venue can have a different contact name and email.

I’m not a hospitality business, can I register my organisation with Rippl?

Yes! Rippl as a privacy-first solution is not exclusive. You can use Rippl for any venue that requires visitors to check in and check out.

I registered my business with Rippl but can’t find my QR code!

Once you have registered your business with Rippl and have downloaded and printed your QR code, you’re all set. Put that up outside your business and encourage visitors to download the free Rippl app and check in!

If you can’t find your QR code any longer and require a reprint, currently there is no functionality for a business portal or login to retrieve it. You will need to contact PaperKite and we will regenerate it and send it to you.

I don’t have a printer:

Your business could display your unique QR code on a digital screen so that customers can scan it from there. However, we strongly recommend that you locate a printer or find a printing service in your local community and print out your unique QR code for the most reliable way your customers can scan, and check in to your business.

The QR code can be printed as is (in colour) and will work perfectly well if printed in black and white.

I want to check in to my favourite business but I can’t find the Rippl app!

It will take a while for the apps to be searchable on stores, so here are direct links to the apps there:

Apple: in/id1509578015


Right now, the apps are only available on NZ Google Play and Apple App stores. The request to make it available in international app stores has been passed on to our team – we know there are people eager to get on board with Rippl but currently can’t. Our team would need to do review the legalise around opening our app internationally. This is definitely something we’re discussing with more and more priority. 

I’m a business owner, how do I sign up for Rippl?

Rippl is now live!

You can now sign up your business venue by clicking the “Get Started” button here:

You can also tell your customers to find links to the apps in Apple App Store and Google Play Store on this page.

I’m a Wellington business owner – am I eligible for a Rippl registration? 

Wellington businesses can take up the Wellington City Council offer for a free three-month licence from 9am Wednesday 13 May, 2020. Simply click ‘Get Started’ on:

When you enter the address for your business, our system will verify it is a Wellington business and WCC will foot the bill for this three-month fee.

The WCC offer began on Wednesday 13 May, 2020 so if you are a Wellington business that has already registered as an early adopter, well done! Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer and no refund will be granted. 

I want to register for Rippl, but how will my customers know to download the app to check in to my business?

We are excited by the amount of people who have already registered with Rippl as a business and customers who have downloaded the Rippl app ready to check in. We believe that loyal customers have been watching to see what their favourite businesses are doing for Level 2.

We’d suggest you do what other businesses have already done by taking to their Social Media channels and marketing to let their customers know that they’re using Rippl and encouraging their customers to download Rippl for free!

We are really encouraged by the media attention Rippl has received and that it has been endorsed by Wellington City Council and I believe other Councils and big organisations around the country are interested too.

It is super quick, easy and FREE for customers to download the Rippl app and they won’t even need to be connected to the Internet to check in to your business, so if they see your Rippl QR code in the window of your business, it’ll just take a couple of minutes for them to download the app, check in and check out. There is also a note on the bottom of the QR code that asks your customers to download the app and check in before they enter your business. 

What if my customers don’t have smartphones? 

We anticipate that most customers will be able to use the Rippl app to check in but we know there are people that don’t have a phone, have too old a phone, don’t have a smartphone or simply have a flat battery. These people will not be able to use Rippl. There will always be some businesses which will need a manual method to timestamp their visitors and visits.

We have been consulting with the Ministry of Health and it is clear that no one solution will cater for everyone. The aim is to take care of the majority, avoid sharing private information and avoid people touching the same device or pen when checking in to your business.

As a customer, what happens if I delete my Rippl app?

As a customer, you can delete the log of all the places you’ve checked in using the Rippl app or the app itself, anytime you like. However, if there was a possible infection at a venue you visited and you’ve deleted your history or deleted the app, Health Services will not be able to alert you of that instance.

So if you’ve downloaded Rippl for free and are using it to check in at your favourite businesses, it is in your best interest to keep the app and logs for three months.

As a business, should I ask my staff and our suppliers to check in?

Your staff and suppliers are part of the ecosystem of your business, and they should be encouraged to check in and out just like your customers. Ensure that your QR code is prominently displayed where your suppliers enter and leave your venue, and train your staff to confirm that suppliers have checked in.

What is a QR code and how does it work? Does my phone need anything special to scan QR codes?

A QR code is similar to a barcode that’s used in stores, but barcodes work best with barcode scanners whereas QR codes work better with phone cameras.

To use Rippl, customers need a smartphone that has a working camera and download the Rippl app. As long as your customer’s phone has a camera and can download the Rippl app, they’re all set. There’s a QR scanner built into the app.

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