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How Conversational UX allowed us to meet huge customer demand

Thanks to tools like Google Drive, Google Meet, Slack, Jira and Miro, we’ve had a great basis for remote collaboration for some time. But even so, lockdown was a serious test. And with so much unknown about the way ahead, we chose to connect with the entire company every morning over a video call for 15 minutes. It became a time to lead from the front, emphasise our big priorities, communicate wins throughout the week, and ultimately help everyone connect to a wider mission driven by a supportive and present community of PaperKiters.

It’s been a tough time for any services business surviving the shockwave impact of lockdown, and the knock-on challenges to winning new projects, encouraging client confidence, and keeping productivity up. At PaperKite, we’ve been no different. Now, after ending our first quarter with financial and employee engagement scores in an encouraging place, I wanted to reflect on how we got here, and what’s next for leadership at PaperKite.

Surviving lockdown, and reforming for the future.