Rippl: Privacy-first contact tracing and alerting

Aiding the NZ government in their efforts to trace the spread of COVID-19.




PaperKite-produced Product

Introducing Rippl


What started as an experiment at the beginning of lockdown has now become one of the biggest contact tracing solutions in New Zealand. We’ve had thousands of business venues using Rippl and over 80,000 app downloads – positioning Rippl as the most downloaded app in both the App Store and Google Play Store at the time. 

As we prepared for the Rippl app launch we set up a landing page with an Intercom chat feature, and we started getting enquiries…and after the app launch and some press coverage, we were flooded with messages. We’re a small agency and we didn’t have the infrastructure to handle the influx of enquiries. We needed a solution, fast!

Helping Kiwi businesses stay in business


PaperKite wanted to help businesses get back on their feet. It was extremely important that venues keep their own staff safe while also building confidence with their customers who understandably may feel uneasy returning to businesses they had no qualms about visiting before. After almost two months confined to their own bubble, there was a real need to encourage customers back to restaurants, cafes and bars and Rippl meaningfully helped with this.

Checking in is fast and easy


Users check into venues they visit by scanning the venue’s QR code with a built-in scanner. Venues register with Rippl to get their unique code, and staff verify that users have checked in on their Rippl app before they can be served. Rippl users check in and out of venues offline, without the need for internet access.

Privacy by design

Rippl doesn’t gather any personal information from users, ever. And still enables health services to contact people when needed. When health services do need to contact someone who has potentially been in close contact with a carrier, this is done anonymously. The anonymous owner of the phone is sent an alert, which Rippl uses to silently check the local check-in history to see if they were checked in at the time of interest. Rippl then asks only those people who were there to contact health services and reveal their identity.

Privacy Trust Mark

We are very proud that Rippl was awarded the Privacy Trust Mark. This award identifies products and services that the Privacy Commissioner considers to be outstanding in the way they manage personal information. The award is intended to give consumers confidence that products like Rippl have used a “privacy by design” approach, and can be trusted. The award follows a thorough review by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of the Rippl solution and PaperKite’s privacy practices.

Rippl Case Study

Conversational UX Chatbot

Our chatbot on the Rippl landing page only took a few hours to create, and handled over a thousand conversations with users in the first month of release. Our response team no longer had to context-switch between enquiries and their other work – which means we could go back to being our most productive selves without frequent interruptions. Our Rippl chatbot continues to do the heavy lifting for us as Rippl continues to be a popular solution for Contact Tracing and Alerts.

Aligning with the Treaty of Waitangi

As a New Zealand company, it’s important to us that we consider data as taonga, and strive to align with Treaty guidelines for the use of Māori data. We worked closely with Karaitiana Taiuru to review Rippl against the guidelines, concluding that the privacy-first approach meant that many boxes had been ticked. The use of Catalyst Cloud means that all Rippl data stays in Aotearoa. It also means that registering for Rippl is significantly faster (the distance to servers is much shorter) and the carbon footprint for Rippl is much smaller. All things PaperKite find very important.

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