Innovation & Emerging Tech

PaperKite has seen incredible success in helping our clients think beyond today’s status quo

We’ve been exploring new tech like AI assistants, Smart Speakers, and AR/VR, and have meaningfully integrated these into brand experiences for our clients.

We have experimented with voice assistants to help customers order a pizza from their living room without ever needing to lift a finger. We’ve also created conversational user experiences in the form of chatbots to automate many traditionally manual and laborious tasks for our clients.

How can we help?

iBeacon Bluetooth Technology

iBeacon is Apple technology that enables Bluetooth low energy proximity sensing. The technology works by transmitting a universally unique identifier, that is picked up by a compatible app or operating system. iBeacon can be used to determine a device’s location, or trigger a location-based action on behalf of the user. It is commonly used for ‘check-ins’ or as a way to enable a push notification.

We’ve used the technology in trials for Rippl Auto Check-in. If Rippl users have Bluetooth turned on and the Rippl app’s latest updates, they can be automatically signed into Rippl at participating venues.

Conversational UX Chatbots

You’ve probably heard of Conversational AI: bots that learn from their conversations with humans. Those chatbots fall within the broader category of Conversational UX – just one of many tools out there to make interactions more natural for people. As an Intercom partner we’ve delivered Intercom chatbots to a number of our clients, and in some cases for ourselves in the case of Rippl.

Voice Assistants

Smart speakers are the fastest growing device category in history and over 500 million consumers worldwide have access to voice assistants using smart speakers and phones. So now is the time to think about how your brand can have a presence in your customer’s homes. And we can help you!